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Budapest – separated and joint

There is something weird in East Europe – something that makes this region more interesting, more enthralling – it’s not that organized, it’s not full of ancient history, it is somehow affected by the Soviet time and it’s so specific that it cannot be compared with any other place on Earth. Wake up in Budapest – in a city that in the last few years turned out to be impressive and modern, cosmopolitan and exciting, wake your heart up with the pleasure to be here. Go through the sights first.

This town separated by the river Danube and connected by the many bridges is united and disunited in the same time.


Brightening the white fabrics without bleach?

The moment you noticed that beautiful and elegant white sofa in the shop you fell in love with it. It was a little piece of magic that outstand like a light in a complete darkness. It was perfection. And you realised that you need that perfection at home, you realized that the white colour is infinite, that it will never be out-fashioned and that no matter how your home will change, it will always fit perfectly. So you bought, of course, and you brought it home, where you arranged your entire living room according to it. It was the main character and it still is, but at some moment your relationship became the love-hate one. Yeah, you still loved the spirit it brings to your home and the way it makes it fancier, but the maintenance, oh, the maintenance, it is the nightmare itself. And what you are cleaning white with, is the bleach. But that piece of art, that wonderful and delightful piece of furniture, does it deserve to be treated with bleach? Of course, no. But what is then the solution and is there one at all?   (more…)

Why you should buy your plane tickets in September

You don’t love flying, but you adore flights and that’s a mysterious paradox. Well, you don’t like the jetlag and the uncomfortable seats, but the simple idea of being so high in the air, of travelling over mountains and oceans and cities and millions of people, makes you excited. And what makes flights even more attractive is the fact that in only a couple of hours they take you wherever you want to be. However, buying plane tickets has always been a tricky task, because you have to take into consideration so many things then that you are too confused to think rationally. Time and hours and reservations, time zones, departures and arrivals, shuttle and taxis, goodbyes and welcomes and last but not least money, you all have to keep in mind.   (more…)

How to analyze the housing market?

You are planning to buy a house, but unfortunately you don’t live in Wonderland anymore, you know that the reality is not full of rainbows and butterflies and unicorns and you are perfectly aware of the fact that this whole house hunting thing is a pretty tough task and you will need some more information so that you may make the best decision, the one you won’t be sorry about for a life time. But where do you start from indeed? They say that the first and most crucial step is the finance – do you have savings, are you taking a loan or you are mortgaging? These are all questions you should have asked yourself the moment you decided to buy a house and you should have found their answers long ago as well. But the next more than logical wonder is: is now the right time to buy a house? Are the prices too high or too low? Am I going to be sorry for spending that much only a month later? Yeah, too many questions whose answers are unknown.   (more…)

Did you know that you can clean these in the washing machine?

The secret of the effective, successful and unobtrusive cleaning is hidden somewhere in the way you are performing it. And if you are spending too much time, too many efforts or too much money, you are somehow not doing it right. In fact, you should look for some easy and sometimes surprising methods, which will help you clean in the most facile way possible. The use of vinegar and baking soda for stains on different surfaces and the use of an alcoholic drink for removal of wine from fabrics are all simple solutions, which you find at home, without any problems. And for this reason, I would like now to tell you about some little tricks for things you could clean in the washing machine. That is right – you have it at home and it is super easy.


How to: removing makeup from every surface

We like our makeup and that is why we have a special dressing table in our bedrooms. We arrange all our brushes, nail polishes, mascaras, blushers, bronzers, lipsticks and so on. Yeah, it’s a nice girly thing and we all pay attention to these lovely details. As we all know a girl never has too many shoes and clothes and too much makeup. It’s an unwritten rule. Unfortunately, however, we don’t always have a lot of time to do our makeup and we end up having to decide if we want to sleep 15 minutes more or we want to have 15 minutes more for makeup. And, my dear, we all like living on the edge and choose the sleeping option. And in the ten minutes we have to do our regular makeup, we are sleepy, and with a cup of coffee in one hand and a brush in the other, we somehow always end up putting foundation on the wonderful wooden dressing table and some highlighter on the carpet and that is not the worst part. The real disaster is that we realize it much later when we come back from classes or from work and we notice this whole mess. However, there is still a chance to clean up everything and make your bedroom an enthralling little place again.   (more…)

Remove all the smells once and for all during the end of tenancy cleaning

…or you are not getting your security deposit back

You are the party guy and you not only like go to some gatherings, but you prefer being the center of the attention. And too often this means that you have to organize the party. OK, it all goes according to the plan. You don’t mind doing the shopping, calling all your friends inviting them, you don’t mind arranging the tables, providing music and other entertainment, you even don’t mind cleaning your whole place on the next day, but now there’s something that seriously makes you uneasy – the upcoming expiration of your rent agreement. You have decided that the end of tenancy cleaning is just not a job for anybody and you have hired one of the London’s professional cleaners, but another thing disappoints you – some of the odors in your flat and the possibility of you not getting your money back because of them. You once tried using an air freshener, but the situation got even worse and the air even more polluted. Keep calm, because here are the 4 best solutions for your problem. (more…)

How to: packing your makeup before the end of tenancy cleaning

How to packing your makeup before the

You have already made a research and hired the best professional London cleaners and now the move out is almost official. You have only a couple of days more and since the cleaning is entrusted to a cleaning company, all you have to do is to pack all your stuff. Yeah, it sounds simple, but in the reality you have to do it properly and carefully. And if packing your clothes is not a big deal: moving them from the wardrobe into empty boxes, the situation by the makeup packing is a little bit more complicated. So don’t hurry and take your time.


Most of us have too many makeup products, tools and cosmetics, though too often they are almost unused. So think of all of the places you keep your makeup and cosmetics, find all the products and put them on display – on the desk or on the kitchen table. The next step is to try sorting them – skin care, body care, hair care, eye makeup, lips makeup and so on. (more…)

End of tenancy cleaning London

It is constantly been said that “Cleanliness is alongside Godliness”, a claiming that has actually existed a long time back, it wasn’t coined by SYK end of tenancy cleaning London you recognize. Actually, already it is still being usage to reprimand and remind tough headed children to tidy and be organize at all times. However, as you grow old you come to be oblige to separate to your family and having a life of your very own. After that you are anticipated to earn a living from your own ways, effort and wise options. You would probably think that having your own personal home for the first time is amazing, appropriate? Well, congrats pals !!! However, slowly as days pass by you will certainly realize that it also indicate that you are now left all alone, you will be the only one who can be in-charge of doing all the household duties, from cleaning your clothing and cooking the meals, to cleansing the bathroom, up until to cleaning out all the dirt and pet’s poop on your favored carpeting.

But if you really want help, SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London are ready to assist you.

Maybe your initial reaction now is “Oh NO!!!” given that you see that you really have no time to spare to tidy everything, particularly the hard ones like the carpeting, and you’re stuck up with all those additional classes and part time tasks. Loosen up kiddo! You can do the tiny cleaning and leave the more challenging ones to the professionals. There is consistently an end of tenancy cleaning London service. There are numerous cleaning companies that could provide that service, not to mention that these people are professionals and can ensure cleanliness that would surpass customers’ desires. Even large hotels and companies maintain their properties through allowing them be cleansed regularly by these firms. (more…)

Master your cleaning methods with few easy tricks

4391089050_abf0df3da1_oWhen it’s time for cleansing – it could be a time for a big confusion from where to start and which cleaning approaches to use for a better outcome. The specialist house cleaning companies are usually the best choice – yet they have unique cleansing teams that have the exact cleaning agents, tools as well as systems to make your residence fresh. On the other hand, if you plan to do it by yourself.

Look at below to the cleansing method tips and tricks to use during the following cleaning.

Turn carpets as well as rugs to make them stay fresh for the long-term. Naturally, the most discoloured spots and also locations are these with the heaviest traffic. That’s why a smart idea is to rotate the rugs once in a month if possible. This will prevent the same locations for discolouration and filth accumulating, while in the meantime protecting against the big massive furniture’s advantages to leave traces at the same spots.
Turn carpets after cleaning on a month-to-month basis as well. This is merely another great hint that will keep the colors and the fresh look of the carpets with lengthy fibres for a long time, yet just if they are reversible. This will certainly guarantee a non direct exposure to the sunshine as well.
After residential cleaning of carpetings and also rugs using hot-water – leave them to completely dry quicker under direct sunlight. Nonetheless, it’s extremely important not to leave them for a longer time, since the direct sunshine could cause unpleasing impacts for the illumination and subtleties of the carpeting’s colors.

Spray defensive option into wooden, leather and fiber surface areas after every huge cleansing, such as the springtime cleaning. There is a range of defensive sprays and remedies, and they are as essential as rubbing off the dirt. They make sure that final touch, which protects against leather upholstery from dryness and lose of pigmentation. The very same gets wood areas and also fiber upholstery.
Use specialist cleaning at least annually. There is no doubt – the professional cleaners have the most effective methods for cleaning or sterilizing your home. First, stroll through the websites of the cleansing business in your area and learn the descriptions of their services. If there is just what you’re searching for make a call and deal with a day.

Await a mild air temperature when cleansing leather furniture. The springtime is perhaps the very best season for cleansing. Leave the doors and the home windows open to freshen the air, while in the meanwhile guaranteeing a modest air temperature for the evaporation of the cleaning agents you used. This is essential for the treatment of natural leather furnishings, due to the fact that it prevents them from cracking when it’s well chilly or very hot.

Make homemade solutions instead of purchasing a whole chemistry from the market. Yet the universal cleansing detergents are perfect for domestic cleansing, yet one can attain comparable impact with a homemade detergent. Mixing hot water and small quantities of vinegar, for instance, is ideal for cleaning windows and also glass surface areas. For furniture and for cleaning the carpet’s most consistent discolorations use a remedy of warm water and cooking soda.

For wiping off dust quicker and also much easier from clothes, cushions and also light carpets it’s enough merely to place them outdoors. Nonetheless, this technique is impossible for wiping off dirt from huge wood furniture, TV screens and other electronic devices. All that you require is a brush with electrostatic charged long fibers. It could rotate everywhere to get to even the smallest hidden locations behind sofas and outfits.