Brightening the white fabrics without bleach?

The moment you noticed that beautiful and elegant white sofa in the shop you fell in love with it. It was a little piece of magic that outstand like a light in a complete darkness. It was perfection. And you realised that you need that perfection at home, you realized that the white colour is infinite, that it will never be out-fashioned and that no matter how your home will change, it will always fit perfectly. So you bought, of course, and you brought it home, where you arranged your entire living room according to it. It was the main character and it still is, but at some moment your relationship became the love-hate one. Yeah, you still loved the spirit it brings to your home and the way it makes it fancier, but the maintenance, oh, the maintenance, it is the nightmare itself. And what you are cleaning white with, is the bleach. But that piece of art, that wonderful and delightful piece of furniture, does it deserve to be treated with bleach? Of course, no. But what is then the solution and is there one at all?  

Luckily, nowadays you may take care of the white sofa with more patience, sensitivity and assiduity. What you need are several simple ingredients that will lead you to success or in this case to a wonderful and flawlessly looking living room. Just buy a bottle of bluing – that sometimes neglected cleaning product that turns out to be especially effective and strong. Then mix some of it with warm water and then shake up well. Thus you have a cleaning product capable of coping with really tough stains. Using it and a rag clean that white fabrics until no stain or spill is left. As simple as that.

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