Budapest – separated and joint

There is something weird in East Europe – something that makes this region more interesting, more enthralling – it’s not that organized, it’s not full of ancient history, it is somehow affected by the Soviet time and it’s so specific that it cannot be compared with any other place on Earth. Wake up in Budapest – in a city that in the last few years turned out to be impressive and modern, cosmopolitan and exciting, wake your heart up with the pleasure to be here. Go through the sights first.

This town separated by the river Danube and connected by the many bridges is united and disunited in the same time.

You are in Buda now and you see the Royal Palaces and the wooden hills, you go in the metro station and down on the escalators until you reach a place where even the river is over you and the train will cross it meters beneath the bridges. You will climb all the stairs later to end up in Pest – the home of the museums, the art emanation and the Jewish quarter. You will breathe this air full of sensations, full of history.

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Going along the river then, you have to sit in one of the lovely restaurants or bars and drink a glass of beer – a unique Hungarian one, which has saved the authentic taste since it was first produced here and brings delight to all senses. The air is humid and full of history – of this country being part of Austria-Hungary, having princesses and princes and royalty and balls and servants. You will think of that time. You will for some seconds go back there and you will be one of them. The magnificent building of the Parliament will then remind you of the United Kingdom and you will make a difference between these two totally diverse capitals. Leave the sights now.

Budapest, the city with a heart and a soul

Budapest is a city with a heart and a soul as well and this city wants to share all its sensations and emotions. Go through the main street Vaci where you can find shops and bars and souvenirs and all the things a tourist may want and then get lost, because if you don’t, you will have only experienced the one part of the city – the boring and sightseeing one. And Budapest is hills and river and old metro stations who tell stories of the people who travelled here. Budapest was not a simple European capital, but it was a whole world for all the people who lived in East Europe, because this city that was once center of cultures and art and was the heart of the whole continent cannot be changed, cannot lose its charm. You will visit squares and markets and you will try different dishes and drinks and you will then discover the modern places and coffee shops and art on the rooftops and you will know that the bridges between the river connect the past and the present of a city who is still stuck in the middle.


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