Cash advance for sales and last minute offers for holidays

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Cash advance

All about cheap last minute offers for holidays and airfare, sales and promotions, concerts and events.

Did you happen to buy something, and two weeks later see it with a fairly serious reduction and anger? You are unlikely to have made such a purchase. And in the opposite case – to see something reduced, take it only because it is profitable and then again to be angry with you? Sure. Everyone has gotten something useless just because it’s at a great price.


Different types of discounts and promotions naturally have psychological tricks that can often make you buy without a real need. Click To Tweet

At the same time, however, if you know the traders’ system of action, you can adjust to it so that it works for you. So you can reasonably buy, and you can save hundreds or more pounds each year. Even if the expected discount does not coincide with the best financial moment for you, you still do not want to miss it if you are sure of the need for the purchase.

Here is a detailed guide to the most appropriate shopping moments and their regularity:

Travel well

Tourist packages are, of course, the cheapest out of season when it comes to a time-sensitive destination. Here, however, we will not talk about a sea in the winter. In general, there are two types of tourist offers that you can take advantage of at low prices: Early Bookings and Last Minute.

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Shop on an account

That the shops are selling is not news. Have you noticed, however, that there are also regularities here. You may have discovered a part yourself.

At the end of the winter it is most profitable to buy boots, and at the end of summer – swimsuit, everyone knows it. And that at Christmas and Black Friday almost everything is on sale.


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