Did you know that you can clean these in the washing machine?

The secret of the effective, successful and unobtrusive cleaning is hidden somewhere in the way you are performing it. And if you are spending too much time, too many efforts or too much money, you are somehow not doing it right. In fact, you should look for some easy and sometimes surprising methods, which will help you clean in the most facile way possible. The use of vinegar and baking soda for stains on different surfaces and the use of an alcoholic drink for removal of wine from fabrics are all simple solutions, which you find at home, without any problems. And for this reason, I would like now to tell you about some little tricks for things you could clean in the washing machine. That is right – you have it at home and it is super easy.

The pillows

They are everywhere all over around your house – on the couch, on the bed, on that bench in the hallway, in the garden – everywhere. So gather them and put them in the washing machine, thus you will remove the dust and the dirt they have accumulated and you will make them super fresh, they will smell wonderful and spread enthralling scents in your entire home.

The curtains

Washing the windows without taking care of the curtains is like polishing the floor and putting a not vacuum-cleaned carpet on it. It spoils everything and all your work seems redundant. Put them in the washing machine and they will shine together with the sparkling windows.

The chair pads

It happens often. You are having dinner and someone spills something on the wonderful chair pads and now they don’t look nice at all. Wash them well and your whole dining room will definitely look awesome.

Our lovely washing machine helps and saves us time and effort; however, to keep it effectively working for longer, we need to give back love and care. You need to clean it regularly and avoid disgusting smell and bacteria to develop because they will spread all over your clothes next time you run a cycle. Here is how you can do it.

Did You Know How to Clean your Washing Machine?

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