How to clean our walls

Maintenance of painted walls is not an easy task. Everything new will eventually get dirtier. And it is always good to keep the freshness in your home after the repair as long as you can.One of the most susceptible to contamination elements in the home are the walls. Even if not visible at first glance, dirt accumulates – smoke, fumes from cooking, greasy fingers that gathers around light switches. And at the end all of this will contributes to the shorter life of your brand new painted walls.To be prepared to clean your walls is not only helpful when you want to freshen up your home, but especially when you have to deal with end of tenancy cleaning. We all know how hard can all of this seem like, but with these easy tips, you will find a brand new attitude towards this task.

Walls painted with latex

As you know, the latex is water-soluble. But that does not stop to clean it precisely with water based solution. It is better to be with lukewarm water mixed with a little nonabrasive dish washing substance, as the latex walls are delicate and tender.

Use a soft cloth and rub the walls starting from the ceiling down. Remember to squeeze out the water from the cloth at the maximum to prevent damaging the latex. Do not scrub too hard. After cleaning, do it again with a damp cloth to dry and absorb the humidity.

For walls painted with oil paint

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When looking for cleaning oil painted walls, you have to know that they actually are a little easier, because paint does not dissolve so easily. You can use the same soft solution, but add a little vinegar. It would help to facilitate the removal of heavy pollution.

It is better to use white vinegar to avoid any coloration wine or balsamic vinegar can cause.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a house owner or a tenant doing an end of tenancy cleaning, you will find how easy it is to do it. Get the help of a company to perform it even faster. 

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