How to: packing your makeup before the end of tenancy cleaning

How to packing your makeup before the

You have already made a research and hired the best professional London cleaners and now the move out is almost official. You have only a couple of days more and since the cleaning is entrusted to a cleaning company, all you have to do is to pack all your stuff. Yeah, it sounds simple, but in the reality you have to do it properly and carefully. And if packing your clothes is not a big deal: moving them from the wardrobe into empty boxes, the situation by the makeup packing is a little bit more complicated. So don’t hurry and take your time.


Most of us have too many makeup products, tools and cosmetics, though too often they are almost unused. So think of all of the places you keep your makeup and cosmetics, find all the products and put them on display – on the desk or on the kitchen table. The next step is to try sorting them – skin care, body care, hair care, eye makeup, lips makeup and so on.

Sift out

The first rule by moving out is that you have to take with yourself only things you use regularly. So if there’s a product you have used only once and you honestly don’t intend to use it in the future, offer it to some of your friends or simply throw it away. It’s also really nice to pick all these products that are coming to an end and to try using them before the move out. Otherwise you will have to transport almost empty packages.

Now when everything is sorted out just put all your stuff in small boxes. Don’t forget to write down what each box contains, because that will somehow make your life in the new flat easier.

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