How to: removing makeup from every surface

We like our makeup and that is why we have a special dressing table in our bedrooms. We arrange all our brushes, nail polishes, mascaras, blushers, bronzers, lipsticks and so on. Yeah, it’s a nice girly thing and we all pay attention to these lovely details. As we all know a girl never has too many shoes and clothes and too much makeup. It’s an unwritten rule. Unfortunately, however, we don’t always have a lot of time to do our makeup and we end up having to decide if we want to sleep 15 minutes more or we want to have 15 minutes more for makeup. And, my dear, we all like living on the edge and choose the sleeping option. And in the ten minutes we have to do our regular makeup, we are sleepy, and with a cup of coffee in one hand and a brush in the other, we somehow always end up putting foundation on the wonderful wooden dressing table and some highlighter on the carpet and that is not the worst part. The real disaster is that we realize it much later when we come back from classes or from work and we notice this whole mess. However, there is still a chance to clean up everything and make your bedroom an enthralling little place again.  

Oil-based makeup

These are lipsticks, mascaras and any other liquid makeup. Well, try to remove the stain as soon as possible. When the stain is on the carpet, on the chair’s fabrics or on the textiles somewhere else, do not rub it at all, because thus it will get deeper and then it would be even harder for you to get rid of it. Usually a simple alcohol drink or spirit respectively will cope with the stain and using only it and some traditional liquid detergent you will remove everything without any problems. All the liquid makeup products and the mascaras cannot be removed so easily and you will need a lot of patience and some efforts. You can also try using a dry cleaning solvent and hope for the best. If the stain is on a wood surface clean it with a wet clout first and then apply some wood care detergent. Be careful with the nail polish removal. When on carpet the acetone based nail polish remover will be perfect solution, but the same may cause some trouble on the wood.

Everything can be squeaky clean with professional help.

Non-oiled based

These are eye shadow, blushes and all kinds of powdered makeup as well and they are the easier ones to get rid of. In most of the cases you will have some powder on the furniture’s surface, which you can without any problems remove with a wet clout or a makeup removal wet wipe. And when it is on the carpet, use a vacuum-cleaner first, because too often it’s not deep in the fabrics, but on the surface. And then follow the steps for oily makeup cleaning.

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