Remove all the smells once and for all during the end of tenancy cleaning

…or you are not getting your security deposit back

You are the party guy and you not only like go to some gatherings, but you prefer being the center of the attention. And too often this means that you have to organize the party. OK, it all goes according to the plan. You don’t mind doing the shopping, calling all your friends inviting them, you don’t mind arranging the tables, providing music and other entertainment, you even don’t mind cleaning your whole place on the next day, but now there’s something that seriously makes you uneasy – the upcoming expiration of your rent agreement. You have decided that the end of tenancy cleaning is just not a job for anybody and you have hired one of the London’s professional cleaners, but another thing disappoints you – some of the odors in your flat and the possibility of you not getting your money back because of them. You once tried using an air freshener, but the situation got even worse and the air even more polluted. Keep calm, because here are the 4 best solutions for your problem.

The plants

Well, this is maybe one of the most useful options, but, unfortunately, not too easy to be fulfilled. We all know that the plants clear the air, but we also know that they require a lot of attention. Even if you are ready to take care of them /you, the party guy, seriously/, you will need them in your home for at least a couple of month so that they’ll be efficient. Remember, this is a wonderful, but not last minute solution.

The natural airing

Opening the windows, allowing the air to refresh, is definitely super easy. However, you may live in a place where there are too many cars and the air outside is too unclean. Don’t eliminate this option this very minute, but simply try to open the windows at night before you go to bed. The traffic is probably lower then. But if it’s not, just find another way, and do not allow the smells at home to become even more.

The candles 

This is the most logical solution and the loveliest as well. Because we all love candles – they make the home cozier, they smell wonderful, they can be intimate and romantic, they can make the time with your beloved one magical. They are all-powerful. When you light a candle while you are in the bath, you instantly get the feeling that you are in a SPA. And the fact that they absorb smells is generally known. So use them bravely!

The bakery

Hmm, this is the most delicious way of getting rid of the smells. No, you don’t have to turn your flat into a bakery, of course, but you simply have to bake something that smells nice – it could be a pie, a brownie, gingerbread cookies or simple pancakes. Then you will be able to enjoy them, while enjoying their tastefulness and the death of all the smells.

Or you can always rely on professionals to help you out with the cleaning, you can find them here.

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