How to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke?

Image of "No smoking"

Congratulations – you refused the cigarettes! This undertaking certainly requires strong will and willfulness, but you have Image of smokesucceeded and are already a step closer to a healthy lifestyle. Your non-smoking smell is certainly sharpened and we will not be surprised if the rest of your home smell of cigarettes makes you crazy. Getting rid of the nagging smell is just as difficult as deny cigarettes. For your luck we have some secrets about how to do this and we will happily share them with you.

The washing machine is your best friend

It is not enough to wash only the contents of the laundry basket. Click To Tweet Your entire home absorbs the smell of cigarettes, including clothes, sheets, table cloth, it is even felt in the rooms where you have never smoked. Bake all the contents of your wardrobe, and the things you can not, like a thick pavilion and blankets, take a dry cleaning. To extend the pleasant fragrance of clean clothes, put in the wardrobe the flavor of your choice.

Clean deep carpets and upholstery

All textile fabrics have sealed the smell of cigarette smoke and even if you clean them superficially, it will kill again. The best option is to hire a professional cleaning company like carpet cleaning Loughton to wash all the carpets, because special machines and detergents should be used for perfect cleaning.

Get rid of the smell forever

There is one more thing you can do to erase once and for all the smell of tobacco in your home. Although it will surely

decrease after you wash and clean professionally all textiles, do not stop here, go to the end and paint the walls and ceilings.

A fresh layer of paint will wipe the unpleasant spots on the walls and ceiling, refresh your home, and last but not least, if you choose a different color, you will mark the new page in your life as a non-smoker.

Following these simple steps, you will forever erase the residual smell of cigarettes in your home.

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