The first step of every clean-up

Decluttering is what they call it. But let’s start from the beginning. You have a wonderful home and even more precious belongings and you like them all. But now you are about to move out and to change this lovely place with a bigger and lighter one, a house that will be (hopefully) your home for good. And you are now facing one of the biggest nightmares of the modern people – the end of tenancy cleaning. You have the checklist in your hands now and no idea where to start from? Yes, you are not differing from all other on the planet Earth, but instead of staying in the middle of the living room, wondering if you will ever cope with this whole situation, just start.

And the first step of every clean-up is indeed the decluttering. Here are some simple tips:

Make a list 

This always helps, so make a list of the things you want to get rid of any of those you would like to save and take with you in the new place.

Give away every month 

Make a tradition and every last Sunday of the month, for instance, choose a thing or a piece of clothing or whatever belonging you haven’t used for more than a year and simply give it away: to a family member, a friend or for charity. The little something that only accumulates dust in your home, may make someone really happy!

Fill one trash bag every month 

It’s similar to the previous one, but as not all so-called belongings are worth it like that cinema ticket from last year or that ripped shirt you bought in university, put them in a bag and simply throw them away. You will be amazed how nicer your life would be without so many material possessions.

You can always hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning.

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