Why you never ever clean them? But you should.

Why you never ever clean themSince you moved out of your parents’ house and you went to university, you started living alone and doing the clean-up all by yourself. And all these years when you had to cope with this annual situation, you created a kind of routine with succession. Every week you are vacuum-cleaning and you remove the dust. Once in a month, you clean the kitchen and the bathroom. You perform a spring and a fall cleaning, you hire a company for a regular deep carpet clean-up and an oven one, and every time you change your home, you prefer to use the service of one of London’s professional cleaners for the end of tenancy cleaning. Yeah, everything sounds simple, and it’s simple indeed. You are one of those people who do not clean with passion and joy, singing and smiling, but you are also not one of the grumpy ones, who always complain, you are somewhere in between. But maybe your routine needs a little improvement and if it’s better, your house will look even more organized, clean and homey. And who wants something more than this paradise? Next time just clean these ones, too.

The indoor plants

Well, they are not furniture and maybe that is why you always skip them. They are actually something between interesting and magnificent decorations and living-beings that bring more vitality to your home. However, if you strive for perfection, just clean them. It won’t take you that much time, I promise. You need some spray bottle, which you have to fill with water, and a simple rag. Spray the houseplants and then remove the dust and the dirt. At the end not only they will look better, but they will also grow faster and they will bloom and shine.

The remote controls

Who cleans these, for God sake? You don’t even count them for something that might need a clean-up, while they actually are one of the most used things in the entire house. You touch them every day, you kids do, your relatives and guests and everyone who comes to your house for more than half an hour. And have you though how dirty they can be and how many bacteria they might contain? If you haven’t, just go now and clean them. You can even use disinfecting wet wipes making them like brand new.

The light fixtures

Oh, they are too far away in most of the cases. OK, you clean the lamp on the night table, but this one on the ceiling always seems like on another planet, when you are cleaning. Well, if you skip them, you actually ruin your entire clean-up, because the unremoved dust from their surface will soon spread and appear on every place you cleaned so soon. The simple solution is finding a stable chair or a ladder and cleaning them with simple wet clout. Make them look flawless with a microfiber cloth and your home will look more than amazing.

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