Why you should buy your plane tickets in September

You don’t love flying, but you adore flights and that’s a mysterious paradox. Well, you don’t like the jetlag and the uncomfortable seats, but the simple idea of being so high in the air, of travelling over mountains and oceans and cities and millions of people, makes you excited. And what makes flights even more attractive is the fact that in only a couple of hours they take you wherever you want to be. However, buying plane tickets has always been a tricky task, because you have to take into consideration so many things then that you are too confused to think rationally. Time and hours and reservations, time zones, departures and arrivals, shuttle and taxis, goodbyes and welcomes and last but not least money, you all have to keep in mind.  

What is proved is that a travel planned earlier enough, would be less expensive, less stressful and a lot nicer. But why in September, why should everyone buy tickets right now? August is like the Sunday of the year – all people are having vacations, being free, travelling abroad, sightseeing and going home, visiting family and friends and flying, flying. So if you want to buy a ticket for this same August, you will have to spend a whole bunch of money you could otherwise buy a camera with, or a new TV. But since this month is gone, September comes and people are going back to work and back to school and have no free time, no time for adventures and travels, so the prices of plane tickets are going down. Go and check them and if you are booking a flight for October or November, or February – months that are almost always spent at home – cozy cuddled on the couch, you will save so much money, that you will be truly amazed.



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